Coastline Security Services is continually seeking to improve and ensure that the quality of service meets or exceeds the needs and expectations of all our clients.

We have developed policies and procedures to ensure that our services conform to the parameters of all relevant quality management systems, clients needs and all regulatory requirements.

CSS strives to achieve a mutual partnership with our clients and to ensure an increasing quality of service based on our ability to succeed with key performance indicators.

We have systems in place to review and establish all risks associated with site security.

We endeavour to work in partnership with our clients to ensure that these risks are appropriately addressed.

We have established policies that govern the operation of our security company. These policies are directed at providing a quality security service. We have also established a quality management system that under pins our commitment to excellence, as part of our risk management and quality processes we are continually identifying opportunities to excel in our quest to satisfy the needs of our clients.

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