Coastline Security Services has an extremely stringent system to ensure that all guards associated with our business are appropriately trained and licensed, and have met all criteria relevant to the position before they are placed on a clients site.

CSS is fully aware of the various expectations of the security industry and that all guards in our employ stand for and represent CSS as a whole. Their appearance and understanding of their function as security officers is critical to ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. CSS has provisions in place to support our employees in their training and pursuit of knowledge of the site where they perform their duties. This is with a view that continuous communication will improve each individual's knowledge which in turn will benefit various processes associated with the business.

Our company management philosophy is based on a promise of delivering a customised range of services to our clients. This essentially entrails bringing together the necessary skills and resources by combining in-house and externally sourced expertise that is appropriate for each situation.

The approach of our security firm is to recognize that a site requires a unique solution and that each client has its own requirements to be identified and met.

CSS believes that being a security officer requires more that just a set of skills, it involves a positive attitude. A real professional is somebody who cares about their job and is unperturbed by an often challenging work environment. The quest for professionalism is reflected in the manner in which CSS sources, interviews and continually trains its personnel.

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